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Toby Macfarlaine: No Sign Of The Dog (The Cable Guy Diary)


By way of tribute to my recently departed friend Stuart Cable. Here’s a repost of what happened when we met him and how a Cable guy saved our lives…


Stepping out of the enormous, blacked-out Chrysler, Stuart Cable’s opening gambit, gesticulating dismissively at the road-closed sign, is…

By the way, photo has been taken by Toby.

Dan and I are up in the attic, which is normally Kate’s eleven-year-old sister’s bedroom. I now have a photo of Dan tucked up in a child’s bed surrounded by stuffed toys which may or may not make it’s way onto the internet. It’s a beauty.

“Is the toilet on the middle floor, Kate?” he enquires.
“Good, good. I’ll try not to make too much noise.”
God only knows what he was expecting.
We giggle ourselves to sleep like we’re at cub-camp.(…)”

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